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Christian Publisher to Reopen Stores

Introducing Empowered Life Christian Books & Gifts

Tulsa, Oklahoma— For more than 85 years, Family Christian Stores has been serving hundreds of communities all over the United States. Their recent liquidation means thousands of customers will have to go elsewhere for Christian books and products. Their closing has also been a blow for dozens of Christian suppliers who relied on Family Christian as an outlet. But a closed door in one place often means an open window somewhere else, and that open window for several formerly Family Christian communities is Empowered Life Christian Books & Gifts, a new chain of Christian bookstores.

As of April 2017, Troy and Joyce Wormell have acquired 15 former Family Christian stores in several well-established locations including stores from New Jersey west to Arizona and Illinois south to Florida. The headquarters, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will serve as the distribution center for all of the stores.

Although the name on the bookstores will change, almost every location will continue under the same management, something the new owners are extremely grateful for. Several of the managers have been in their locations for 20+ years and have fostered a sense of community, not just managed a place to buy Christian products. The store managers and their teams, Troy believes, are key to Empowered Life’s success.

Troy and Joyce Wormell know Christian books, and have been involved in the industry, in one capacity or another, for 25 years. Starting in 1992 with a commercial printing company that produced books for dozens of Christian authors and ministers, they eventually acquired Harrison House Publishers in 2009, making it their sole endeavor in 2013. As the Christian publishing industry has changed and new opportunities have arisen, Troy and Joyce felt it was time to explore new ventures and are excited to serve Christian readers (and suppliers) in a different way. Through this endeavor, they hope to increase the availability of Christian books and products while maintaining brick and mortar bookstores for the Christian community.

Troy and his wife, Joyce, are both Bible School graduates and are passionate about getting the gospel out and helping people grow in their Christian walk. They reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma with their three beautiful children: Elissa, Austin and Justin.